Sunday, March 27, 2016

Sir Hagrid's Famous 'Fro, or I Belong in Best In Show Pt. 2

Time to tame the 'fro: Hagrid on my "grooming table" 
Not perfect, but I want to end the session while he's still mostly relaxed

In a previous post, I wrote about how I belong in the movie Best in Show. (Incidentally, apparently some people not familiar with the film completely missed my cheeky tone in that post. So, for the record, it was all cheek, and this one is as well!)

Here's another reason I belong in Christopher Guest's Best in Show... 

I am the self-appointed hair stylist of Sir Hagrid.

As non-shedders, Bichon Frises are at the very top of the list for breeds with the highest grooming needs. Maintaining Hagrid's coat involves daily brushing and combing, regular bathing (especially if your dog is allergy-prone as Hagrid is), as well as haircuts every 3-4 weeks, and trimming around the eyes even more frequently. Oh and of course nail trimming and tooth brushing. 

You name it, I do it. 


Because I am paranoid and belong in the movie Best in Show.

I have read and heard of too many stories of groomers rough-handling dogs with force. Of clipper and scissoring accidents resulting in visits to the emergency vet.  Of dogs left in drying boxes unsupervised, essentially cooked to death. The list goes on, but I'll stop there. 

If you are groomer, or happen to have a groomer your dog looks forward to seeing every time, please remember that a) I'm happy for you, I really am! and b) I know I'm being paranoid, and of course I don't think all groomers are incompetent. I just don't choose to leave my dog at a salon where I can't see what's going on.

When Hagrid was a puppy, I figured, how hard can it be? My mom cut our hair until we went off to college. If I messed it up, Hagrid wouldn't know the difference, and it would grow back eventually. 

The first time I gave Hagrid a bath, I cried. I was not at all prepared for the transformation from fluffy powder puff to skinny drowned rat. I thought I had ruined his hair forever. I was never so relieved when his hair dried and he fluffed back up. Phew.

I wish I could say the same for the first few haircuts I gave him. Once, a vet scolded me to take my dog to a professional groomer, who might be able to teach me a thing or two about cutting my dog's hair. 

But now, Hagrid's famous 'fro is often a conversation starter, inviting smiles and compliments from people of all ages and backgrounds. 

My grooming skills are a work in progress. I smile when strangers ask me, "Where do you take you dog to be groomed, because he has the best hair cut!?"

Can we get on with the walk already?


  1. This makes me laugh. I have had labs and goldens for most of my adult life. Labs just need baths and nail clipping, goldens need clipping, but not super often. Then I inherited my mom's maltese, when she couldn't take care of her anymore. And she needs her hair cut every six weeks.I go to a terrific place, but it costs $70! I pay $15 at Great Clips for my hair. What is wrong with this picture?????

    1. Carol, this made me laugh so hard. When I wrote this slice, I almost considered including pictures of Hagrid's $24 brush (made of beech wood and special pins that are gentle to the skin) next to my $5 brush (plastic, made in China, procured at Marshalls!)

  2. Wow! The best haircut. You have many skills! Thanks for the laughter. I love the description of the first bath you gave Hagrid! Thank you for sharing the pictures. Hagrid is too cute! Funny: grooming table! Hagrid and you are lucky to have each other!

    1. I'm tickled pink you noticed my grooming table. :)

  3. Whoa, high maintenance pup! I admire your diligence -- I would not be such a good owner!


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